It’s different for every wedding photographer, but today I’m going to walk you through my own wedding photography consultation process!

Emma from EmmGrcePhotography standing with her couple in Santa Ana, California for a wedding.

Did you know that many photographers won’t shoot your wedding unless you meet on a wedding photography consultation call? Honestly, that’s a GOOD sign! You should WANT to meet your photographer and connect with them. Why? Because they’re going to be spending the most important parts of your wedding day, or wedding weekend, with you!

In fact, that’s the exact reason I LOVE having consultation calls with my couples! It helps me get to know YOU! It also gives me a very good idea of what you’re looking for on your wedding day.

So, what’s the wedding photography consultation breakdown?

Step One: Getting to know the vibes of your wedding

My favorite part of the call: Seeing your vision! UMM, Hello?! This is when I get to hear about your dreams and hopes for your wedding (Yanno, everything that’s on your Pinterest boards). Coming from the girl who spent most of middle school dreaming about her own wedding day, I can never get enough of hearing your plans, visions, and hopes for your wedding day! How can you prepare for this? Creating a Pinterest board, thinking of words that describe your theme and aesthetic, thinking of what you truly want on your wedding day, your elopement, or your wedding weekend!

Step Two: Creating a Timeline and Choosing a Collection for your Wedding Photography

Prior to your call, I will send you and your partner a timeline questionnaire that will have a handful of questions about what you want to include in the timeline of your wedding. I create a custom timeline for your wedding day BEFORE your ever book! Why? If you follow wedding photographers on Instagram, you may know that a timeline can easily make or break your wedding day. And if you don’t know, then I’m here to tell you just how important your timeline truly is! Timelines eliminate stress and are VITAL to your wedding day.

Step Three: What’s Next?

We’ll analyze your timeline, talk about my collections that will best serve you and your partner on your wedding day, and then we get into some logistics. It’s SO important to me that I answer all of your questions. We discuss things like travel fees, your complimentary engagement session, and we’ll go over my contract together. I will then send you an email that discusses everything we talk about (including your custom timeline!). The email will include a contract and invoice that you will review, pay the 30% deposit through my online Honeybook link, and sign the contract to officially book me as your wedding photographer!

Schedule your wedding photography consultation call with me today so we can check your wedding photographer off of your to-do list!

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