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Finding the perfect Ohio wedding venue can be HARD. There are some things as an Ohio wedding photographer, I always look for when headed to a new venue, that determine whether it is an average venue or a GREAT venue!

Beautiful nature outdoor wedding at Crimson Lane Wedding Venue by Luxury Ohio Outdoor Wedding Photographers Emma Grace Photography

Finding the perfect Ohio wedding venue can be HARD. There are some things as an Ohio wedding photographer, I always look for when headed to a new venue, that determine whether it is an average venue or a GREAT venue!

I want to preface this post by saying NO. Your wedding is not about the photos. It IS about the moment, the memories, and the fact that you are starting a new chapter in your life with the person you love. However, your venue is going to be in every single photo you take, and ultimately provide a majority of the vibes for your wedding day. Your special memories should feel like they’re coming back to life in the photos you receive from your wedding day.

So without further or do, let’s talk about the things I look for when headed to a new Ohio wedding venue!

Natural Light

Natural light is so important. If I walk into a dark ceremony space I immediately know that I’m either going to have to shoot low light with a high ISO or use my flash, which can be distracting during a wedding ceremony. Big beautiful windows are a must for your wedding space whether it be for your ceremony, or your reception, natural light will always win.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with stunning natural light:

Spacious Getting Ready Spaces

Small getting-ready spaces with fluorescent lighting are OUT. A spacious getting-ready area with plenty of natural light is a necessity for the morning of a wedding. Of course, there’s always an option to get ready off-site at a gorgeous Airbnb, but in my opinion, the best venues don’t slack on their getting-ready suites. To be completely honest, this is an area I think most venues could up their game. The space is either small, has little natural light, an overuse of fluorescent lighting, or D — all of the above.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with gorgeous getting-ready suites:

Several Beautiful Photo Locations

All of my top favorite wedding venues have easily 5+ different beautiful locations on site for taking pictures. For example, Jorgensen’s Oak Grove has not only their gorgeous greenhouse ceremony space, but they have the courtyard, the iconic large wall of windows, a pond, wheat/boho grasses, solid black backgrounds, etc. Every angle you look there is a good spot to take pictures, and plenty of options for shaded areas when there is harsh sun. Multiple photo locations are also important in the case where you aren’t doing a first look but you are wanting to get photos done before the ceremony.

Again, there is always an option to go off-site for photos, but choosing a venue that has gorgeous photo spaces makes it more convenient for your timeline, and more of an experience for you and your guests!

Gorgeous winter wedding at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove by Ohio Outdoor Luxury Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with beautiful photo locations:

Backup Rain Day Options

No one wishes for a downpour on their wedding day. A little sprinkle in the morning for good luck, and then we want a gorgeous sunny day with plenty of clouds! I’m not talking about shoving everyone in a low-light event hall either. I’m talking about a beautiful big space with plenty of room and natural light when a last-minute indoor ceremony is needed. Of course, you can always have your Notebook moment and smooch in the rain, however, if it comes down to it, a GREAT wedding venue has a beautiful backup rain option.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with backup rainy-day options:

Unique Features

Unique features for a wedding venue can be hard to come by these days! As more and more wedding venues are created, taking on similar traits, and unique features makes your wedding day one of a kind. There are many different types of features to look for that can add a unique perspective to your Ohio wedding venue.

  • Historical architecture
  • Water Features
  • Indoor Conservatories
  • French Gardens
  • Unique reception spaces
  • Architectural Arches
  • Butterfly gardens
  • Unique Colors

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with unique features:

Kind + Caring Staff

Hands down the MOST important thing I look for when headed to a new wedding venue. The looks and technicalities are just as important, but something that can make or break your wedding day is the staff. Having wedding day staff and vendors who are kind, caring, understanding, positive, flexible, and quick to find solutions is vital to helping your day run smoothly.

Gorgeous outdoor couple at The Rural Society by Ohio Outdoor Luxury Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

You’re in luck because there’s so many wonderful venues in Ohio that have incredibly kind and caring staff who truly care for the couples that choose to start their forever at their venues. There are a few qualities I think supportive vendors/coordinators/staff carry with them when working with a couple.

  • Openness to new ideas
  • Ability to listen and understand the desires of the couple
  • Kindness and patience as the couple makes big decisions
  • Genuine excitement for the couple embarking on their new journey
  • Inclusion for all unique couples and the ability to make people feel safe and at home

Opportunities are endless…

Ultimately, find what YOU want! There are many different priorities when it comes to wedding planning and every couple is different. Whether it’s budget, lighting, or location, write out the pros and cons for each venue so that you can find what works for you! Match those pros to your top priorities and narrow down to the right venue for you. There are over 300 Ohio wedding venues so I am confident you can find something that is right for you!

When you’ve found your venue, be sure to match it with a photographer who you’re excited about! Click here to fill out my inquiry form and let’s chat about your wedding!

Beautiful wedding florals by Columbus Wedding Florist Fiori Florals at BTTS wedding venue by Outdoor Luxury Ohio Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

The Seventy-Five Hocking Hills Wedding Venue

Let’s relive one of my all-time favorite experiences at an all-new luxury Hocking Hills luxury Ohio wedding venue called The Seventy Five.

I remember driving up their long scenic driveway to get to the venue like it was yesterday. Immediately, you feel like you’re in another state. How could this beauty be right here in Ohio?! Only about an hour outside of Columbus, The Seventy-Five Hocking Hills wedding venue has the best views I’ve ever seen. Perfect for your memorable wedding!

The Seventy-Five Venue has truly thought of everything. Their creamy and comfy bridal suite is the comfiest I’ve ever seen. It’s spacious, has bright windows, as well as perfect getting ready stations. But don’t worry, because the guy’s suit is modern, masculine, and perfect for the groom getting ready!

The event space is big and open with the most beautiful windows also an alternative option for an indoor ceremony space. Of course, we can’t forget the stunning, clean, and timeless ceremony site which has the most gorgeous hilltop views in all of Ohio.

Lexi + Kevin

We arrived on site and started getting ready pictures with Lexi + Kevin. Lexi got her hair styled by Cheslie and her makeup done by Bailey. This beautiful moment of them getting ready together was so sweet, and such a good idea if you want to spend more time with your partner on your wedding day!

We also snagged some stunning photos of the gorgeously unique wedding invitations designed by Allanah at Whimsically Warm. The wonderful florist and table design was brought to us by Bear Roots Floral. I’ve never been so obsessed with patterned linens, which came from BBJ La Tavola. The cake and dessert details were deliciously crafted and beautifully created by Spencer’s Sugar Shop.

We brought them down to the ceremony site where they giggled and read “vows” to each other. This of course was the perfect opportunity to take some amazing bridal portraits with the colorful fall trees in the background. If you change angles just a bit, you also get the gorgeous venue in shot which was such a wonderful touch.

Next, we kept the magic going with a vintage Jaguar for some “getaway car” photos, and my jaw was on the floor because of how perfect the vibes were. The colors, the car, the COUPLE! Lexi + Kevin truly killed it. We ended the night frolicking in the fields, and my photographer’s heart was so full. It was so fun meeting Lexi + Kevin, some awesome creatives, as well as amazing vendors!

Vendors that made this day possible:

I still have 2024 dates available to shoot your beautiful luxurious wedding at The Seventy Five Hocking Hills wedding venue! Be sure to look at my experience and investment pages on my website to learn more about how I can serve you on your wedding day! And if you’re ready to reach out, and make it official, be sure to contact me ASAP!