HEY GUYS! Emma here. I am a (you guessed it) traveling wedding and elopement photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to my freshly new website + new blog! I am beyond excited that you are here. It means so much to me that you are a part of this journey with me.

Fun Fact: This was one of my first headshots as a photographer and to this day it’s my favorite!
Photo by: Steph McVaugh Edit by: Emma Grace

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer… Starting college, I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist. Then a dental hygenist, and after a few more major changes, I finally had a midlife crisis. I’ve always loved taking pictures. Starting with my parent’s point-and-shoot camera that turned into an iPad, a camcorder (ft. my YouTuber girl era), and finally, my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in my sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t until I saw a post by The Heart University that I felt inspired to dive into the wedding industry.

The best thing about discovering I could jump into the wedding industry is that I LOVE weddings! Love Story by Taylor Swift has been on repeat in my mind since elementary school and my wedding Pinterest board has been a thing since seventh. (swifties unite) Little did I know that I could combine my love for capturing moments, serving and connecting with people, and all things romantic into one job. My absolute favorite thing about being a wedding and elopement photographer is being able to connect with two people and capture the real and authentic moments on their wedding day, one of the most special days of their lives.

A little bit about me…

When I’m not shooting, editing, emailing clients, and running EGP, I absolutely love to travel! I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to travel with EGP to California, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and MEXICO! Spending time outside is so important to me. I love taking walks, playing with my two dogs, getting outside, doing yoga, and hanging out with my friends. I love spending quality time with my amazing boyfriend, Michael, and we love spending time with our families and going on late-night ice cream dates.

Yes, the following sentence is important information. I LOVE tacos. If you don’t like tacos, that’s a red flag… (obviously, I am kidding…but like…). Also, I’m actually not a coffee girl (O_o), where are my chai girlies at? My comfort TV shows consist of The Office, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls.

Why the heck is this important?

Because I want to know YOU! and I want you to know ME! My goal is to create a friendship when you book with me. I believe that it is so important to form a relationship together because I will be with you on your WEDDING day. For hourssss. I mean come on. I want you to feel supported, encouraged, and loved knowing that I will be there to capture every moment of your wedding. Know that I am the type of person you can FaceTime if you need an opinion on your seating chart or if you have a question about what would look good for your ceremony. (Note that I am also available for funny puppy tiktoks). I’ll friend you on the gram and get to know you and I will cherish every moment at your complimentary engagement session.

When it comes to your wedding, I will be there early to capture your whole day. I will communicate with your wedding planner, I’ll walk across the venue to grab your shoes, I’ll put on the boutonni√®res when the guys don’t know how, I’ll grab you Starbucks, and I’ll hold your tissue for you during your first touch. I’m much more than your wedding photographer.

I’m your friend, I’m here to support you, and serve you on your wedding day.

So heckin’ reach out so we can talk about creating some magic on your wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!

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