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Finding the perfect Ohio wedding venue can be HARD. There are some things as an Ohio wedding photographer, I always look for when headed to a new venue, that determine whether it is an average venue or a GREAT venue!

Beautiful nature outdoor wedding at Crimson Lane Wedding Venue by Luxury Ohio Outdoor Wedding Photographers Emma Grace Photography

Finding the perfect Ohio wedding venue can be HARD. There are some things as an Ohio wedding photographer, I always look for when headed to a new venue, that determine whether it is an average venue or a GREAT venue!

I want to preface this post by saying NO. Your wedding is not about the photos. It IS about the moment, the memories, and the fact that you are starting a new chapter in your life with the person you love. However, your venue is going to be in every single photo you take, and ultimately provide a majority of the vibes for your wedding day. Your special memories should feel like they’re coming back to life in the photos you receive from your wedding day.

So without further or do, let’s talk about the things I look for when headed to a new Ohio wedding venue!

Natural Light

Natural light is so important. If I walk into a dark ceremony space I immediately know that I’m either going to have to shoot low light with a high ISO or use my flash, which can be distracting during a wedding ceremony. Big beautiful windows are a must for your wedding space whether it be for your ceremony, or your reception, natural light will always win.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with stunning natural light:

Spacious Getting Ready Spaces

Small getting-ready spaces with fluorescent lighting are OUT. A spacious getting-ready area with plenty of natural light is a necessity for the morning of a wedding. Of course, there’s always an option to get ready off-site at a gorgeous Airbnb, but in my opinion, the best venues don’t slack on their getting-ready suites. To be completely honest, this is an area I think most venues could up their game. The space is either small, has little natural light, an overuse of fluorescent lighting, or D — all of the above.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with gorgeous getting-ready suites:

Several Beautiful Photo Locations

All of my top favorite wedding venues have easily 5+ different beautiful locations on site for taking pictures. For example, Jorgensen’s Oak Grove has not only their gorgeous greenhouse ceremony space, but they have the courtyard, the iconic large wall of windows, a pond, wheat/boho grasses, solid black backgrounds, etc. Every angle you look there is a good spot to take pictures, and plenty of options for shaded areas when there is harsh sun. Multiple photo locations are also important in the case where you aren’t doing a first look but you are wanting to get photos done before the ceremony.

Again, there is always an option to go off-site for photos, but choosing a venue that has gorgeous photo spaces makes it more convenient for your timeline, and more of an experience for you and your guests!

Gorgeous winter wedding at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove by Ohio Outdoor Luxury Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with beautiful photo locations:

Backup Rain Day Options

No one wishes for a downpour on their wedding day. A little sprinkle in the morning for good luck, and then we want a gorgeous sunny day with plenty of clouds! I’m not talking about shoving everyone in a low-light event hall either. I’m talking about a beautiful big space with plenty of room and natural light when a last-minute indoor ceremony is needed. Of course, you can always have your Notebook moment and smooch in the rain, however, if it comes down to it, a GREAT wedding venue has a beautiful backup rain option.

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with backup rainy-day options:

Unique Features

Unique features for a wedding venue can be hard to come by these days! As more and more wedding venues are created, taking on similar traits, and unique features makes your wedding day one of a kind. There are many different types of features to look for that can add a unique perspective to your Ohio wedding venue.

  • Historical architecture
  • Water Features
  • Indoor Conservatories
  • French Gardens
  • Unique reception spaces
  • Architectural Arches
  • Butterfly gardens
  • Unique Colors

My favorite A+ Ohio venues with unique features:

Kind + Caring Staff

Hands down the MOST important thing I look for when headed to a new wedding venue. The looks and technicalities are just as important, but something that can make or break your wedding day is the staff. Having wedding day staff and vendors who are kind, caring, understanding, positive, flexible, and quick to find solutions is vital to helping your day run smoothly.

Gorgeous outdoor couple at The Rural Society by Ohio Outdoor Luxury Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

You’re in luck because there’s so many wonderful venues in Ohio that have incredibly kind and caring staff who truly care for the couples that choose to start their forever at their venues. There are a few qualities I think supportive vendors/coordinators/staff carry with them when working with a couple.

  • Openness to new ideas
  • Ability to listen and understand the desires of the couple
  • Kindness and patience as the couple makes big decisions
  • Genuine excitement for the couple embarking on their new journey
  • Inclusion for all unique couples and the ability to make people feel safe and at home

Opportunities are endless…

Ultimately, find what YOU want! There are many different priorities when it comes to wedding planning and every couple is different. Whether it’s budget, lighting, or location, write out the pros and cons for each venue so that you can find what works for you! Match those pros to your top priorities and narrow down to the right venue for you. There are over 300 Ohio wedding venues so I am confident you can find something that is right for you!

When you’ve found your venue, be sure to match it with a photographer who you’re excited about! Click here to fill out my inquiry form and let’s chat about your wedding!

Beautiful wedding florals by Columbus Wedding Florist Fiori Florals at BTTS wedding venue by Outdoor Luxury Ohio Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography

It’s no secret that the French countryside has inspired elegant European wedding vibes in the United States. Not only have I found the perfect wedding venue for your romantic wedding, but I’ve also included a few staple tips to help you pull of the European vibes!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably dreamed your whole life of a beautiful European-inspired wedding… but you’re probably from Ohio, and your budget doesn’t cover plane tickets across the Atlantic Ocean.

Lucky for you, I’ve found the perfect elegant European-inspired wedding venue in Ohio, and it’s calling your name!

Front of Laurel Court elegant European-inspired wedding venue in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Documentary outdoor whimsical styled shoot by Luxury Ohio Wedding Photographer Emma Grace Photography.

Welcome to Laurel Court in Cincinnati, Ohio

When I visited Laurel Court my jaw was to the floor the second I saw this beautiful estate. Built in 1902-1907, Laurel Court is an elegant European-inspired wedding venue in Hamilton County. The estate features a “grand staircase imported from Europe”, marble floors, a stunning music room, a beautiful atrium in the center of the home, and a gorgeous French garden.

Other ways to pull off a European-inspired wedding

Hire a wedding planner with a chic taste and good attention to detail

The immaculate styling and thought put into this event came from Brittany Meister with Heirloom Designs and Company. Her ability to execute a vision and surpass any creative expectation shows her dedication to her clients and her talent for designing weddings.

Hiring a wedding planner can ease stress during your engagement and help bring your elegant European-inspired wedding dreams to life.

Patterned high-quality linens and beautiful florals

You’d be surprised by how patterned linens can elevate your tablescapes. These patterned pink linens came from Camargo Events based in Cincinnati. These beautiful linens give the florals the spotlight they deserve warmed by glowy candlesticks and citrus fruits.

Consider an elegant champagne tower

Including chic details like a champagne-tower will surely cultivate elegant European-inspired wedding vibes. Not to mention it’s celebratory and a fun addition to your reception events!

Include romantic touches to your invitations

Your invites set the scene for your guests, so considering details like premium papers, soft colors, and romantic fonts will prepare your guests for a romantic European-inspired evening.

Find a photographer that will capture the rich tones and chic details of your wedding

And that’s where I come in… If you don’t know me, I’m Emma! I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based in Northwest Ohio, but I’m ready to fly to Europe (or Cincinnati) at any second. I specialize in capturing genuine moments that help you feel allllll the feels of your wedding day and the special memories in your life.

I’m a lover of nature, details, romance, adventure, and living a present life of mindfulness.

I would LOVE to capture your day and all of the elegant, European, garden, romantic moments of your wedding. Click here to reach out about your wedding or elopement!

Traveling wedding photgrapher Emma Grace Photo

View the full gallery!

If you’d like to see more from this amazing day, click here to view my full gallery!

The lovely vendors that made this European-inspired day possible:

Planning & design: @heirloomdesignandcompany
Florals: @bountifluerfloralstudio
Dress: @lacebridalcouture
Paper: @heirloomdesignandcompany
Rentals: @camargoevents
Hair: @_stylesbynina_
Makeup: @la_prima_beauty
Cake: @aspoonfullasugar

The Seventy-Five Hocking Hills Wedding Venue

Let’s relive one of my all-time favorite experiences at an all-new luxury Hocking Hills luxury Ohio wedding venue called The Seventy Five.

I remember driving up their long scenic driveway to get to the venue like it was yesterday. Immediately, you feel like you’re in another state. How could this beauty be right here in Ohio?! Only about an hour outside of Columbus, The Seventy-Five Hocking Hills wedding venue has the best views I’ve ever seen. Perfect for your memorable wedding!

The Seventy-Five Venue has truly thought of everything. Their creamy and comfy bridal suite is the comfiest I’ve ever seen. It’s spacious, has bright windows, as well as perfect getting ready stations. But don’t worry, because the guy’s suit is modern, masculine, and perfect for the groom getting ready!

The event space is big and open with the most beautiful windows also an alternative option for an indoor ceremony space. Of course, we can’t forget the stunning, clean, and timeless ceremony site which has the most gorgeous hilltop views in all of Ohio.

Lexi + Kevin

We arrived on site and started getting ready pictures with Lexi + Kevin. Lexi got her hair styled by Cheslie and her makeup done by Bailey. This beautiful moment of them getting ready together was so sweet, and such a good idea if you want to spend more time with your partner on your wedding day!

We also snagged some stunning photos of the gorgeously unique wedding invitations designed by Allanah at Whimsically Warm. The wonderful florist and table design was brought to us by Bear Roots Floral. I’ve never been so obsessed with patterned linens, which came from BBJ La Tavola. The cake and dessert details were deliciously crafted and beautifully created by Spencer’s Sugar Shop.

We brought them down to the ceremony site where they giggled and read “vows” to each other. This of course was the perfect opportunity to take some amazing bridal portraits with the colorful fall trees in the background. If you change angles just a bit, you also get the gorgeous venue in shot which was such a wonderful touch.

Next, we kept the magic going with a vintage Jaguar for some “getaway car” photos, and my jaw was on the floor because of how perfect the vibes were. The colors, the car, the COUPLE! Lexi + Kevin truly killed it. We ended the night frolicking in the fields, and my photographer’s heart was so full. It was so fun meeting Lexi + Kevin, some awesome creatives, as well as amazing vendors!

Vendors that made this day possible:

I still have 2024 dates available to shoot your beautiful luxurious wedding at The Seventy Five Hocking Hills wedding venue! Be sure to look at my experience and investment pages on my website to learn more about how I can serve you on your wedding day! And if you’re ready to reach out, and make it official, be sure to contact me ASAP!

I’m so excited to finally share this outdoor, minimal, romantic, early summer Ohio wedding at Stone Valley Meadows in southwest Ohio by Ohio + Destination Wedding photographer, Emma Grace Photography.

Everything about Lauren and Michael’s wedding day was perfect. The venue, the colors, the wedding party, their families, the LIVE band, and of course their love! This amazing 70-degree day was the perfect way to kick off my 2023 wedding season!

My second shooter and I always start on details/getting ready moments. I always carry my detail box which includes a styling mat, flower holders, invitation risers, ring boxes, gold and white jewelry dishes, and of course, styling chiffon ribbon. For Lauren + Michael’s detail shots, we found the most gorgeous copper table that made for the perfect backdrop for styling photos. My favorite way to spice up any detailed photo is by using extra florals from your florist!

Next, we did a first look with Lauren & her Dad, which was the sweetest moment ever! He had the biggest smile on his face and by the end he had tears streaming down his face. Shortly after that, Lauren and Michael chose to do a first look. Michael’s reaction to Lauren in her dress was so sweet because you could instantly see how in awe he was over his future wife.

This lead us right into wedding party photos with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, followed by family portraits. Soon enough, it was time for the two to officially tie the knot!

Lauren and Michael are two of the kindest people I’ve ever had the chance to capture. They’re effortlessly in love with each other, and their joy radiates through their smiles. So many special moments stick out to me from their wedding day, my favorite was Lauren’s first look with her Dad. It is always so meaningful to me when I get to experience the love and support that family members have for the bride and groom!

Getting married in Ohio? I’m your girl! Don’t wait to reach out, 2024 + 2025 dates are going fast!

Click here to send me an inquiry!

It’s different for every wedding photographer, but today I’m going to walk you through my own wedding photography consultation process!

Emma from EmmGrcePhotography standing with her couple in Santa Ana, California for a wedding.

Did you know that many photographers won’t shoot your wedding unless you meet on a wedding photography consultation call? Honestly, that’s a GOOD sign! You should WANT to meet your photographer and connect with them. Why? Because they’re going to be spending the most important parts of your wedding day, or wedding weekend, with you!

In fact, that’s the exact reason I LOVE having consultation calls with my couples! It helps me get to know YOU! It also gives me a very good idea of what you’re looking for on your wedding day.

So, what’s the wedding photography consultation breakdown?

Step One: Getting to know the vibes of your wedding

My favorite part of the call: Seeing your vision! UMM, Hello?! This is when I get to hear about your dreams and hopes for your wedding (Yanno, everything that’s on your Pinterest boards). Coming from the girl who spent most of middle school dreaming about her own wedding day, I can never get enough of hearing your plans, visions, and hopes for your wedding day! How can you prepare for this? Creating a Pinterest board, thinking of words that describe your theme and aesthetic, thinking of what you truly want on your wedding day, your elopement, or your wedding weekend!

Step Two: Creating a Timeline and Choosing a Collection for your Wedding Photography

Prior to your call, I will send you and your partner a timeline questionnaire that will have a handful of questions about what you want to include in the timeline of your wedding. I create a custom timeline for your wedding day BEFORE your ever book! Why? If you follow wedding photographers on Instagram, you may know that a timeline can easily make or break your wedding day. And if you don’t know, then I’m here to tell you just how important your timeline truly is! Timelines eliminate stress and are VITAL to your wedding day.

Step Three: What’s Next?

We’ll analyze your timeline, talk about my collections that will best serve you and your partner on your wedding day, and then we get into some logistics. It’s SO important to me that I answer all of your questions. We discuss things like travel fees, your complimentary engagement session, and we’ll go over my contract together. I will then send you an email that discusses everything we talk about (including your custom timeline!). The email will include a contract and invoice that you will review, pay the 30% deposit through my online Honeybook link, and sign the contract to officially book me as your wedding photographer!

Schedule your wedding photography consultation call with me today so we can check your wedding photographer off of your to-do list!

EmmGrcePhotography Logo

HEY GUYS! Emma here. I am a (you guessed it) traveling wedding and elopement photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to my freshly new website + new blog! I am beyond excited that you are here. It means so much to me that you are a part of this journey with me.

Fun Fact: This was one of my first headshots as a photographer and to this day it’s my favorite!
Photo by: Steph McVaugh Edit by: Emma Grace

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer… Starting college, I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist. Then a dental hygenist, and after a few more major changes, I finally had a midlife crisis. I’ve always loved taking pictures. Starting with my parent’s point-and-shoot camera that turned into an iPad, a camcorder (ft. my YouTuber girl era), and finally, my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in my sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t until I saw a post by The Heart University that I felt inspired to dive into the wedding industry.

The best thing about discovering I could jump into the wedding industry is that I LOVE weddings! Love Story by Taylor Swift has been on repeat in my mind since elementary school and my wedding Pinterest board has been a thing since seventh. (swifties unite) Little did I know that I could combine my love for capturing moments, serving and connecting with people, and all things romantic into one job. My absolute favorite thing about being a wedding and elopement photographer is being able to connect with two people and capture the real and authentic moments on their wedding day, one of the most special days of their lives.

A little bit about me…

When I’m not shooting, editing, emailing clients, and running EGP, I absolutely love to travel! I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to travel with EGP to California, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and MEXICO! Spending time outside is so important to me. I love taking walks, playing with my two dogs, getting outside, doing yoga, and hanging out with my friends. I love spending quality time with my amazing boyfriend, Michael, and we love spending time with our families and going on late-night ice cream dates.

Yes, the following sentence is important information. I LOVE tacos. If you don’t like tacos, that’s a red flag… (obviously, I am kidding…but like…). Also, I’m actually not a coffee girl (O_o), where are my chai girlies at? My comfort TV shows consist of The Office, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls.

Why the heck is this important?

Because I want to know YOU! and I want you to know ME! My goal is to create a friendship when you book with me. I believe that it is so important to form a relationship together because I will be with you on your WEDDING day. For hourssss. I mean come on. I want you to feel supported, encouraged, and loved knowing that I will be there to capture every moment of your wedding. Know that I am the type of person you can FaceTime if you need an opinion on your seating chart or if you have a question about what would look good for your ceremony. (Note that I am also available for funny puppy tiktoks). I’ll friend you on the gram and get to know you and I will cherish every moment at your complimentary engagement session.

When it comes to your wedding, I will be there early to capture your whole day. I will communicate with your wedding planner, I’ll walk across the venue to grab your shoes, I’ll put on the boutonnières when the guys don’t know how, I’ll grab you Starbucks, and I’ll hold your tissue for you during your first touch. I’m much more than your wedding photographer.

I’m your friend, I’m here to support you, and serve you on your wedding day.

So heckin’ reach out so we can talk about creating some magic on your wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

Abby, one of my 2022 brides, texted me saying she wanted an “Italy-inspired engagement photoshoot” at The Club at Corazon in Dublin, Ohio. Immediately, YES. First, we created a mood board on Pinterest to find inspiration that reflected the vibe of Italy. Next, we picked out words that were inspiring to us. Then, I wrote out prompts & poses to prepare me for our session. Finally, we watched the vision come to life and had a blast creating together!

Your engagement session can be absolutely ANYTHING you want it to be. I want my couples to know that they are a part of the planning process! I want to assist them in creating a vision that results in a unique gallery that reflects the love they share. It can be a destination engagement session in Yosemite, California! Or a drive-in movie theatre date in your hometown.

If this means a shoot inspired by Italy? PERFECT! Do you want to recreate the Notebook canoe scene at a romantic destination? AMAZING. Do you guys go camping together and you want your session to showcase the way you adventure together? Let’s freaking DO IT! Your gallery is about you, so let’s create something that reflects you.

Grace + Drew, two high school sweethearts, had a Columbus, Ohio wedding that truly revolved around their love story! From their two-month-long engagement to their intimate vow reading, their love for each other has always been so present. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Grace + Drew since high school and I had the wonderful honor of being their wedding photographer!

Their wedding took place at a wine cellar in the heart of Columbus, Ohio on a (very cold but wonderful) wintery day in March. With their friends and closest family, they committed their lives to each other and celebrated together until the night was over! Here are some pictures highlighting Grace + Drew’s wedding day.